We Help Companies Deliver Sustainable Food Safety and Quality With a Focus on Prevention

The KCL Approach

The experts at Kelleher Consultants LLC use a collaborative approach to partner and deliver sustainable food safety and quality solutions with a focus on prevention. Our team works with large and small food companies throughout the supply chain so they can focus on delivering the best food safety and quality for their customers. This may include working with retailers, manufacturers, processors, primary producers, food service, distributors, wholesalers, startups, and third-party service providers.

Food Safety & Quality Programs

Program development and implementation

Build or enhance your private label program

In-depth gap analysis of company’s existing programs

Recommend and deploy additional program elements

Food safety for on-line ordering and delivery

Ensure consistency of product quality

Harness and strengthen customer feedback

Provide technical support for food safety, quality and compliance

Education and Training Programs

Continuous improvement opportunities

Strategic Advisement

Strategic advisement to senior leadership

Partner to develop food safety and quality vision

Ownership and accountability

Management commitment

Identify short and long term food safety and quality priorities

Develop roadmap for food safety & quality programs

Food safety & quality culture assessment

Talent assessment

Propose novel solutions for food safety and quality

Continuous improvement opportunities

Our Partners

Our Values

People First - Consumers and Employees

High Standards



Latest Science and Innovation

Continuous Improvement

"I know Gillian through her active engagement and collaboration around food safety and quality in the food industry over many years. Gillian’s passion for doing what is right as well as her ability to lead others is a true testament to moving the needle in our industry.  She is credible, knowledgeable and tells it like it is!”
Sharon Wood
Director Food Safety, H-E-B
"I recently participated in a GFSI conference panel that Gillian co-moderated on the Changing Face of Retail and Food Service and was impressed with her commitment to food safety for consumers and her focus on prevention. Gillian is passionate about attaining the highest standards of food safety, is a proven thought leader in the industry in this regard, and is a pleasure to work with."
Patrick Quade
CEO, Dinesafe.org
"Gillian has long been a food safety leader on national and international stages, with extraordinary passion and commitment to making food safe for consumers.  Based on years of working with Gillian, I trust her to know and always to do the right thing."

Michael McNicholas
Principal, Culinary Collaborations