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Trusted KCL Partners

Global Import Agent

If you export food, beverage or dietary supplement products to the USA and do not have a physical presence or an ultimate consignee, then you need the services of an FSVP Agent. We help you with all aspects of FDA compliance, Including FSVP Agent services, FSVP Product assessments, FDA Registration, US label reviews, import refusals, FDA detentions and more. Unlike other FSVP Agent services, Global Import Agent is an affordable, technology adapting Agent. Working with our sister company Primority, we use the 3iVerify system to get you FDA compliant quickly, professionally and at the lowest cost on the market.

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Sterling Solutions

Sterling Solutions has developed a leading role in navigating food companies and retailers through the process of food safety, food defense and quality management. The intersection of food safety and logistics is what we call Cold Chain Management where Sterling has provided their proprietary services to world leading carriers, distributors, food processors and retailers. Over the past 20 years Sterling has conducted over 150 assignments, and co-founded the Integrated Food Chain Research Center at Georgia Tech.

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Dinesafe is a risk and surveillance services company and the industry leader in Foodborne Outbreak Detection. Dinesafe is also the parent company of the food safety crowd-sourcing platform, and a trusted partner for both industry and regulators with over a decade of experience identifying potential risks in real time.

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Recall InfoLink

Recall InfoLink was built based on GS1 standards, to provide product recall management services across the entire supply chain. The Recall Ready™ service modernizes the mock recall process, allowing companies that don’t run recalls often to practice the important steps of the recall process beyond just a traceability exercise. The Recall Responsive™ service complements the Recall Ready™ service when something goes wrong. Operating on a cloud-based platform, the service allows you to easily start recalls with a standardized process, push communication to those who need to see it, track recall progress in real time, and generate automatic reports for internal and regulatory compliance needs. Together, these services provide comprehensive product recall management for faster and easier recalls to protect your brand, business, and customers.

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3iVerify is an affordable, secure, cloud-based food safety management system that helps technical, quality and compliance managers tame the tidal wave of processes, procedures and paperwork that they deal with every day. We achieve this by having a simple, logical approach to key processes like supplier and material approvals management, document management and corrective action management. We believe that life is too short for spreadsheets and paperwork.

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Eagle Protect

Specialist disposable glove and clothing company, Eagle Protect, supplies the world’s only gloves tested against microbial contamination and harmful toxic chemicals, capable of causing recalls - Eagle’s proprietary Delta Zero program verifies a range of Eagle gloves adhere to the highest standards of food safety and performance.
Using an FDA award winning supply chain traceability platform, Eagle is revolutionizing the glove industry by capturing, securing and sharing all activity across their supply chain, further safeguarding customers from potential food safety issues caused by inferior quality or fraudulent gloves.

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Praise for KCL from clients, partners, and colleagues

"I know Gillian through her active engagement and collaboration around food safety and quality in the food industry over many years. Gillian’s passion for doing what is right as well as her ability to lead others is a true testament to moving the needle in our industry.  She is credible, knowledgeable and tells it like it is!"
Sharon Wood
Director, Food Safety at H-E-B
"I have seen first-hand Gillian's leadership and commitment to partnering with suppliers to improve food safety and the quality of their products. She has an open-minded, exploratory approach, centered around the education and development of clients in order to bring them up to the highest levels of food safety. Gillian constantly seeks to progress clients along the road and her personable nature combined with an extreme customer focus makes it a productive and pleasant journey. Our commitment to GFSI has been strengthened through our relationship with Gillian."
Michael McNicholas
Principal at Culinary Collaborations
"I recently participated in a GFSI conference panel that Gillian co-moderated on the Changing Face of Retail and Food Service and was impressed with her commitment to food safety for consumers and her focus on prevention. Gillian is passionate about attaining the highest standards of food safety, is a proven thought leader in the industry in this regard, and is a pleasure to work with."
Patrick Quade
CEO at
"Ten years ago, I met Gillian at an annual Global Agri Business seminar at the Harvard Business School and was immediately impressed by Gillian’s grasp of detail on the many technical issues impacting the food supply system, while at the same time showing a practical approach to solving these problems. Every year since then Gillian has continued to contribute to the thinking on food safety and on the well-being and health of consumers. Gillian has impressed me over these years with her knowledge of the industry in the EU where she worked as well as in the US and her collaboration across the world on many industry wide groups has brought her a depth of knowledge and practical application that gives me no hesitation in recommending Gillian and Kelleher Consultants."
Joe O'Toole
Board Member at Lucullus France
"Gillian has long been a food safety leader on national and international stages, with extraordinary passion and commitment to making food safe for consumers.  Based on years of working with Gillian, I trust her to know and always to do the right thing."
Michael Taylor
Former FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine
"I have witnessed Gillian’s active leadership and collaboration on food safety and quality in the food industry over many years. Gillian is passionate about and committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality for consumers applying a practical perspective, systems approach and continuous improvement mindset to all she does. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gillian and Kelleher Consultants."
Ronan Loftus
CEO at Identigen Ireland
"Gillian's commitment to the highest standards of food safety and quality has always been evident when it comes to Wegmans' customers. Her process and systems approach, collaborative nature and ability to partner to build sustainable food safety and quality systems has helped us become better. Gillian is a subject matter expert and truly passionate about and committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality. She is a proven leader in this regard."
Marty Gardner
SVP of Merchandising at Wegmans Food Markets
"On behalf of the Equitable Food Initiative, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Gillian Kelleher, from Kelleher Consultants, for her professionalism, dedication and support given during our journey to achieve GFSI recognition.  In January 2022 we asked Kelleher Consultants to support us in the benchmarking process of the EFI Certification program which we successfully achieved in the estimated time. Gillian, through her professionalism, dedication and support,  provided clear, high quality guidance from start to end of the process; for sure a trustworthy partner".
Karla Cook
EFI Certification Program Manager, Equitable Food Initiative (EFI)
"Gillian at Kelleher Consultants is an excellent resource for FSQA leadership development. Her approach is professional and personable. She creates a safe space in which opportunities for improvement are identified and worked on via well designed assignments and practice sessions. Feedback is provided in a constructive manner. During my time with Gillian, I experienced substantial improvements in areas worked on. I highly recommend using Kelleher Consultants for FSQA leadership and professional development"
Food Safety and Regulatory Manager
Innovative food manufacturing start-up
“We hired Kelleher Consultants to manage our Educational Advisory Board for the Food Safety Summit conference and tradeshow. Gillian has a vast network of key contacts combined with decades of domestic and international industry experience which makes KCL an invaluable part of our team”.
Scott A. Wolters, Chief Events Officer
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