Gillian Kelleher, president of Kelleher Consultants shares her outstanding expertise on food safety and quality. She gives insight in what she thinks companies ought to be doing to support their employees in FSQ and stay up-to-date on innovations. "Food safety is not competitive...", she says. Sharing knowledge and comparing solutions helps protect companies, brands and most important, consumers.

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In Episode 124 of Food Safety Matters, hosted by Food Safety Magazine's Stacy Atchison, Adrian interviews Gillian Kelleher, President of Kelleher Consultants LLC and Chairperson of the Educational Advisory Board (EAB) for the 2023 Food Safety Summit. In this interview, Adrienne and Gillian discuss a wide range of topics - from the relationship between suppliers and retail partners, to how Food Safety & Quality (FSQ) Professionals can find success and satisfaction in their careers, and many things in between!
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